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As part of our social responsibility during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are providing the community with a list of local restaurants that are open during this quarantine. Our goal is to help our app users find a business in their community that meets their needs. We hope that in this time of crisis, this gives local restaurants the support that they desperately need.

To view a map of restaurants that are open for carry-out and/or delivery, visit the local shop directory found on the navigation of the Street Pass app. Then tap "Restaurants Open During The Quarantine". To see the list view tap the list view icon at the upper right hand corner. *Please credit or debit transactions only when supporting these businesses.

To get a listing for your local restaurant or retail location, tap HERE.

With this self funded publication we are dedicated to creating the highest quality content for this app. Your donations ensure that this publication is a service to you and they help us extend awareness of various people, businesses and events in the community. Journalism and production of this quality and depth, requires additional support.

Incentives for donors:
$10 A shout out on our Facebook page
$25 The Street Pass V.I.P. Membership (view details HERE)
$50 A Front Porch Project photo session
$150 A post- pandemic outdoor photo session
$500 Street Pass Marketing boost for the retail business of your choice.
$1000 Booking for The Cool Experience w/Andre Terrell (The Cool DJ) at the retail business of your choice.

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