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The Street Pass is an engagement marketing company that directly engages consumers by inviting and encouraging them to participate in the evolution of a brand or a brand experience. We work with a curated list of cultural institutions, local retail shops, restaurants/bars to create live interactive experiences. With the Street Pass mobile app, we engage customers where they live, work and play.

The Street Pass app can be downloaded from the App store or Google Play. Users can view a directory of local shops, events and sign up to receive advanced notifications regarding upcoming experiences. The Street Pass app serves as the connection to what's COOL! We will introduce great businesses, events and experiences.

For a limited time local retail businesses can get a listing in the directory of The Street Pass app for only $25 when a special discount is offered to our V.I.P. members (Some restrictions apply). We will actively promote the directory and the various deals that are being offered via our social media pages. With the Street Pass app, you will have the potential of reaching hundreds of new customers. We will list your discount/offer in the "V.I.P. Deals" section of this app and we will send out a targeted push notification from the Street Pass app that will alert the users of this app about your deal.

Please note: All push notifications will cover a 15 - 20 mile radius surrounding your location and will be scheduled in queue and released in the order in which they are received. Tap HERE to sign up. to sign up. Once your listing has been approved and listed tap the Paypal link below.

Promote Your Event w/The Street Pass List your event In our calendar for *FREE! You must offer a special discount/benefit to our V.I.P. members. (E.g Free/discounted admission,V.I.P. access or skip the line etc.) and provide us with a booth/table at your event. We will photograph the event and post the photos in the "Fan Fare" gallery of the Street Pass app. Your event will actively be promoted via our social media pages and push notifications from the app. (*Some restrictions apply) Tap HERE to sign up.


The Street Pass V.I.P. Club is an exclusive club for the sociable, successful and tech savvy young professionals. As a V.I.P. member, not only we will enhance your experience by granting you special privileges and benefits during select events. Will will make you an investor our Street Cash Cryptocurrency.

V.I.P. Members will receive but not limited to the following:

  • Earn Street Cash vouchers during events.
  • One Street Pass Loyalty Card
  • Premium access during select events.
  • Free or Discounted Admission to all Street Pass events
  • Discounts at select local retail businesses
  • Participation in special contest and promotions
  • For a limited time The Street Pass V.I.P. Club membership is only $24.99 (introductory price) for one year. To purchase your Street Pass V.I.P. Membership, tap the link below. Memberships are non-refundable. If you have any questions, use the CONTACT form below.

    Advertising Partnership Opportunity

    Sign up to be an advertising partner for The Street Pass marketing package for as little as $50 per month we will post your deal on our FaceBook page, list your offer in the "Deals" section of this app and we will send out a targeted push notification from the Street Pass app that will alert the users of this app about your deal. Please note: All push notifications will cover a 1 - 5 mile radius surrounding your location and will be scheduled in queue and released in the order in which they are received. Each month you will receive the following:

  • Two push notifications from the Street Pass app that will promote your sale, event or special offer to all the users of this app.
  • One Street Pass Distributor Pack (10 sellable Street Pass Loyalty Cards)
  • 50 Street Cash Tokens (cryptocurrency)
  • Tap the paypal link below. Some restrictions may apply. If you have any questions, use the CONTACT form below.

    Monthly Frequency

    Targeted Push Notifications

    We will send out a geo-targeted message to our app users within a 25 mile radius of your business. The message can be a link to your website, a special deal or offer or it can link to your listing within our app..

    in-sTore contest & Promotions

    We will promote your retail location as one of our Check-in to win locations. Our app users will look for locations that they can check in to via the app and earn points that will win them prizes.

    Geofenced Messages

    Set up a geofenced area that you define. When we determine that your users enter that area via GPS, we automatically send them an alert of your choosing. Useful for alerting your users to deals when they're within range of a location.

    Street Cash Exchange

    What is Street Cash?

    Street Cash (STCAEX) is the newest cryptocurrency for the local markets. We use Street Cash as the rewards system for our V.I.P. members. Street Cash can be used to purchase items found in the "Prize Vault" found on the main menu of the Street Pass app..

    How can you get some Street Cash? You can purchase Street Cash from the EtherDeltal Exchange. You can also get Street Cash tokens when you make a purchase at our Pop Up Happy Hour events or any of the listed retail businesses. V.I.P. Street Pass Members get 1 Street Cash token for every $1 that is spent during each event. Just write your name on the receipt, take a picture of it and email it along with your wallet ID to:

    To receive Street Cash you will need to download the Cipher app (or any ECR20 wallet) and create a wallet. After creating your wallet, tap the settings icon in the the lower right hand corner and set the network to "Mainnet". To send Street Cash you will you need to visit and purchase a small amount of ethereum and send it to your wallet.

    Cipher Downloads


    The Street Cash Token Address:
    Copy and paste this address to create a new custom token in your wallet.


    Tap HERE To check out a video on how to set up your wallet. You can skip to 3:40 in the video. 

    Copy and past your wallet ID in the CONTACT section below and get 10 Street Cash tokens. (limited time offer)



    The Street Pass is an interactive guide to music, art and culture. The features of this app include: a retail directory, a listing of events, contest and promotions, fanfare photos and exclusive mixes by Andre Terrell.


    Find local art, music and cultural events all throughout the city.

    Cool Music/

    Check out exclusive mixes from by Andre Terrell the COOL DJ.

    The Directory/

    Search for local shops. Find everything from restaurants to barbershops. Look for great deals and offer exclusively for our V.I.P. Street Pass members.

    /Push Notifications

    Sign up to receive advanced notifications about upcoming contest and promotions.

    /Fan Fare Photos

    View our cool gallery from some of the coolest events around town.

    /Contest and Promotions

    Be on the lookout for upcoming contest and promotions that will give you a chance to win some cool stuff.


    Take a glance of the screen shots of the Street Pass app.

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    The Street Pass is available for iPhone and Android phones. So if you have an iPhone, tap on the apple. If you have an android, tap on the robot. If you have a windows phone that kinda sucks because we don't have an app for you. However, if you tap the window, it will take you to the mobile website for the Street Pass. It's not quite the same as having the app but you can see what's doing on.

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