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The Street Pass ( is a communications and experiential marketing company that engages consumers by inviting them to participate in the evolution of a brand or a brand experience. We work with a curated list of cultural institutions, local retail shops, restaurants, and bars to create live, interactive, and event-driven marketing experiences. We can help fill the gaps left from your current marketing efforts. With the Street Pass mobile app, we engage customers where they live, work, and play.

The Street Pass app can be downloaded from the App store or Google Play. All users can view a directory of local shops, events and sign up to receive advanced notifications regarding upcoming experiences.

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The Street Pass app is a digital publication that promotes local retail businesses, events, and profiles of influencers throughout the community. The Hot List is a list of some of the hottest shops in the city. We are partnering with these businesses to bring our app users added value.

We will send push notifications to over 8000 app users and SMS messages to over 2000 text subscribers each week alerting users that new businesses have been added to the Hot List.

The Street Pass V.I.P members can get cash-back rewards when they upload their receipts from purchases made at any business featured on The Hot List. .

Your local retail business can sponsor The Hot List for as little as $24.99. To sign up, choose your sposorship level below.

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We will send out a geo-targeted message to our app users within a 25 mile radius of your business. The message can be a link to your website, a special deal or offer or it can link to your listing within our app..

in-sTore contest & Promotions

We will promote your retail location as one of our Check-in to win locations. Our app users will look for locations that they can check in to via the app and earn points that will win them prizes.

Geofenced Messages

Set up a geofenced area that you define. When we determine that your users enter that area via GPS, we automatically send them an alert of your choosing. Useful for alerting your users to deals when they're within range of a location.


Andre Terrell "the COOL DJ" provides the perfect vibe for creating that special atmosphere that lures customers, enhances the buying experience, and grows sales by keeping the buyer's senses engaged in a unique shopping experience.

With Andre Terrell, we have created curated experiences for dozens of the nation's top retail brands. Clients have experienced a positive return on their investment. Some of the benefits by having a live DJ within your retail space include:

• Increased store traffic
• Animates retail environments
• Stimulates customers
• Increases customer length of stay
• Converts traffic into sales
• Improves employee satisfaction
• Builds brand affinity

Book our Official DJ for:

• Nightclub Appearances
• Retail Campaigns
• Fashion Events
• New Product Launches
• Grand Openings
• Black Friday Events
• Weekend Sale Events
• Customer Appreciation
• One Day Sale Event
• Holiday Events
A booking with Andre Terrell includes an exclusive Street Pass Text (SMS) marketing package for your retail location. We will send out a message announcing your upcoming in-store event you over 3000 subscribers.

To check out the vibe, check out recent mixes by The Cool DJ by visiting the "Cool Music" section on the navigation bar of this app. For availability and booking info, call 1-877-488-7496


The Street Pass is an interactive guide to music, art, and culture. The features of this app include: a retail directory, a listing of events, contests and promotions, fanfare photos, and exclusive mixes by Andre Terrell.


Find local art, music, and cultural events all throughout the city.

Cool Music/

Check out exclusive mixes by Andre Terrell "The COOL DJ".

The Directory/

Search for local shops. Find everything from restaurants to barbershops. Look for great deals and offer exclusively for our V.I.P. Street Pass members.

/Push Notifications

Sign up to receive advanced notifications about upcoming contests and promotions.

/Fan Fare Photos

View our cool gallery from some of the coolest events around town.

/Contest and Promotions

Be on the lookout for upcoming contests and promotions that will give you a chance to win some cool stuff.

Download now Experience the best of what your city has to offer when you download our app to your mobile phone. Now is your chance to be a part of a cool community. Scroll down and select your app market below.


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Experience the best of what your city has to offer when you download our app to your mobile phone. Now is your chance to be a part of a cool community. Scroll down and select your app market below.

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The Street Pass is available for iPhone and Android phones. So if you have an iPhone, tap on the apple. If you have an android, tap on the robot. If you have a windows phone that kinda sucks because we don't have an app for you. However, if you tap the window, it will take you to the mobile website for the Street Pass. It's not quite the same as having the app but you can see what's doing on.

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